Toothpaste / Multi-function Tube Dispenser

This multifunction tube squeezer helps you reduce waste. Without it you will be throwing away a lot of toothpaste, cream, foam, lotion, etc. left in the tube. Save time and save the environment with this tube dispenser.

Useless Box / Machine

Endless fun and made of wood: Every time you flip the PUSH on, a little finger pops out and turns itself off. Great as gift or prank joke for friends and family. Also works as a wonderful stress reducer.

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    XIAOMI Ninebot Segway Drift W1

    Fun and cool self-balancing e-Skates. Highly portable and can be carried around easily in one hand or in a bag. Speeds up to 12km/h (7.5 mph). It rolls smoothly and provides you maximum riding comfort. Fully charged, you get ca. 45 minutes ride time.

    Different Colors, Survival / Emergency Whistle up to 150db

    Stainless steel, anti-rust and durable. Dual channel sysem with smooth whistle holes, up to 150db sound. Great on keychains and easy to blow whistle in all weather conditions.

    Elastic Garter / Suspenders Men’s Shirt Holder

    Keeps your shirt tucked in place. Suspenders around the legs / thighs stop slipping or slippage. Comes in 2 colours. Never look messy again.

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      Xiaomi MITU DIY self-assemble programmable Robot w. App Control

      Motorized robot with controls over the downloadable app. Motor has burn-out protection mode. USB Type-C port, infrared sensors, auto-balancing, graphics modularization programming.

      Cute Coin Stealing Cat / Piggy Bank / Savings Box

      Automatic movement once coin is placed. Made of durable material. Cute movement. A perfect gift to teach kids about saving money.

      29 in 1 Wearable Multi Tool Bracelet in 2 Colours

      Multifunction bracelet with screwdriver and other tools. Ideal for sailing, traveling, camping, hiking, outdoor activites, emergencies. Stainless steel. The modular design is fully customizable to fit your wrist comfortably.

      DIY Potato Powered Clock / Science Kit

      Great educational gift for kids. The electrolytes in fruits and vegetables allows the flow of an electrical charge. You can also use the kit to experiment on other fruits and vegies. Potato not included.

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        Handheld Mini Portable Plastic Sealer

        This mini bag heat sealer helps keep your food fresh and crunchy.  The seal also reduces the attraction of  bugs and insects. Easy to use, runs on 2 AA batteries and is cordless.

        Multi-Mode LED Flame Simulation Light Bulb 5W E12 E14 E27 E26 B22

        This LED bulb simulates the flickering of fire. Warm color around 1800K. Has 3 modes: flickering, breathing, general lighting mode. Looks great on the porch, for events or to give an outdoor feeling. Available in multiple base sizes.

        Space Saving Hand Vacuum Compress Bag – No Pump / Vacuum Required

        Organize the content of your suitcase, wardrobe, storage or things with these vacuum compress bags. No pump or vacuum needed. Just roll with your hand. Saves a lot of space and keeps your stuff clean. Available in multiple sizes.

        Lightweight Toys Storage Bag / Play Mat Organizer

        The PlayBag starts as a huge floor mat that extends out. Turns into bag after done playing. Made of durable material. Features a cord with easy opening and closing. Reliable and safe.

        Xiaomi M365 Ultralight Folding Electric Scooter

        This e-scooter is IP54 certified and weighs only 12.5kg. It features a double brake system and can reach 25 km/h. The long-life battery allows for travelling up to 30km. Definitely A fun and environmentally friendly way to get around.